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    You've been bouncing back and forth between living in Hollywood and hanging at your long time home in Carlsbad. Which do you like better and why?
    I really dig being in LA because there are just more people to hang with, places to eat, and things to do. But Carlsbad is a great place to surf and hang when I get overwhelmed by the city.
    Rumor has it you just got a motorcycle license. Do you know how scary it is riding a motorcycle on I-5? What kind of bike do you want to get?
    I did get my license and I got a Triumph, a cool little British bike. My brother got one as well so were planning on ripping around together in LA. And riding the I-5 is like rolling out on reggae night in Burlington VT….terrifying!
    Your RED helmet has saved you a few times during your career. What slam did you need your helmet the most?
    So when I was around 9 or 10 I hit a jump straight on and some guy didn't see me. He came spinning from the right side of the table top to the left hitting me in the side of the head with the edge of his board! There was a huge slice in my helmet that I’m sure could have killed me if I wasn't wearing it!



Channel Shaun’s inner rocker.
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      "40 Day Dream" – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
      "11th dimension"- Julian Casablancas
      "Veni Vidi Vici"- Blacklips
      "Chop and Change"- Black Keys
      "Two plus Two"- Bob Seger
      "Who’s Asking"- Mt St Helens Vietnam Band
      "In the City"- Razorlight
      "Garbage Truck"-Sex Bob-Omb

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